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Anatomy and Physiology CP

Department: Science

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Michelle Menchaca

Period: 1 Room: 704
About Michelle Menchaca
About Anatomy and Physiology CP




Instructor: Ms. Menchaca


First Semester Syllabus




Phone: 210.344.9265 ext. 154


Textbook: Hole’s Essential’s of Anatomy and Physiology McGraw Hill 2000



Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to increase their understanding of the systems of human anatomy by observing specimens, performing investigations of physiological processes, creating models to aid in understanding the relationship between structure and function, utilizing the Internet for research, writing  skills, while developing higher order thinking and problem solving skills.


Course Objectives

The objectives are to understand the basic structure and organization of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.  The students will be able to analyze the relationships between the anatomical structures and physiological functions of systems.


Essential Questions

Describe the correct anatomical position. Why is an understanding of this position important? What is the importance of the directional terms?


Consider the Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular systems. Regarding anatomy and physiology, how does each system demonstrate the principle of complementarity?



Test/Major Projects- 50%

Quizzes/Labs- 30%

Homework/Class Work- 20%


Course Requirements

Supplies:          3 ring notebook w/dividers                  Loose-leaf paper

                        Blue or black pens                            Map pencils and #2 pencils

                        Index cards                                      1 roll of Paper towels or Kleenex


You will be required to keep a notebook of all of the work that you do in this class.  This notebook will be checked periodically. Please refer to the notebook table of contents page for proper set up. The notebook must be brought to class each day.



All assignments must be written in blue or black ink on loose-leaf paper or the handout provided.  Papers that have been torn out from a spiral notebook will not be graded.  Proper grammar and spelling are expected on all work that is turned in for a grade. 


Late work

I do not accept late work. Make-up work after an excused or unexcused absence will be accepted according to school policy.


Lab Activities

Activities will include the construction and use of models, simulation, and dissections.  Participation in all labs is required in order to receive credit. 



Tests will include matching; fill in the blank, diagram, essay questions, and case studies evaluations.  Test days are Thursdays, with the alternative being Fridays.



All students should be in their assigned seat and be prepared for class BEFORE the bell rings. Tardiness will result in a detention.


Saturday School

According to the Antonian handbook “Classroom Discipline Expectations”, the following infractions will result in Saturday School:


Dress and grooming violation              Unexcused tardiness to school

Sleeping in class                                Disrespect toward self and others

In hallways without passes               Drinking and eating outside of the student center


The following guidelines also apply to my classroom:

1. Absolutely no grooming.

2. All backpacks and purses must remain under the desk. You will be asked to place them in front of the   classroom on test or quiz days.

3. There will be absolutely no cell phones or IPods/mp3 players allowed in the classroom. 

4. Doing homework for any subject other than anatomy during the time allotted for anatomy activities will not be tolerated.  The work will be collected.

5. Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom during lecture. The only exception is emergency situations.

6. All rules in the Antonian Student Handbook governing student behavior will be enforced and disciplinary action taken as written, without exception, for violations. Please be familiar with the handbook and ask any questions if anything is unclear.





Course Outline





Course Outline 1st Semester (Weeks 1-3)                                 Fall  2011


Date       Topic                                                                     Chapter                Assignment


08/12*   Orientation

08/15     Course Expectations

08/16     1.1Intro to Anatomy                                                 1                         read pgs. 1-8

08/17     1.2-1.4 Characteristics of life/Requirements          1                         read pgs. 9-13

08/18     1.5-1.6 Levels//Body Cavities                                  1                         handout

08/19     1.6 cont. Major Organ Systems/Membranes         1                    read  pgs. 14-17/handout  


08/22     1.7 Anatomical terminology                                    1                           diagram

08/23     Anatomical direction Lab                                       1                            read pgs. 49-57

08/24     3.1-3.2 Review Organelles                                       3                            activity

08/25     Test Chapters 1 and 3/Intro to Chp. 5                  5                            read pgs. 97-103

08/26     5.2-5.3 Epithelial Tissues/Connective Tissue      5                            read pgs. 104-112


08/29     5.4-5.5 Muscle Tissues/Nervous Tissues           5                              read  pgs. 117-120

08/30     Quiz/6.1 -6.2Intro/Types of Membranes             6                             diagram/read pgs. 121-126

09/31      6.3-6.6                                                                       6                              handout

09/1        Lab                                                                           6                              study for test

09/2        Test Chapters 5 and 6/Intro Chp. 7                    7                              read pgs 132-134


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